Community Cause

Ending Homelessness in North Carolina

North Carolina is facing an epidemic of homelessness. Many communities in our state have seen increases in chronic homelessness, and most of these individuals suffer from disabilities or addiction. Worst of all, children represent nearly 25% of the homeless population in North Carolina. At present, there are nearly 5,000 children enrolled in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school system who are homeless.

Ambassadors for Families in Need

As Regional Ambassadors for #AgentsofChange, the Rabon Insurance Agency is dedicated to helping eradicate homelessness and hunger in our community. We are launching an ongoing campaign to help provide nourishing meals to families facing food insecurity, to support emergency shelter initiatives that provide temporary and low-cost housing to families in financial crisis, and to providing educational assistance to children who belong to families without stable homes.

There are thousands of families who need our help, and we can’t do this without other concerned citizens like you.

Help Us Gather Support

The best way for you to help isn’t with a donation, it’s by encouraging your family members, co-workers, and friends to take advantage of our invitation and rewards program. When you invite someone to visit us here at the Rabon Insurance Agency, we will provide them with information on this campaign and offer them a complimentary insurance consultation. Then we will make a contribution IN YOUR NAME to a program or initiative in your area that provides support to families transitioning out of homelessness.

Be Part of a Permanent Solution!

We can improve outcomes for children and families throughout our community if we work together. We earnestly hope you join us and help to improve lives all across our community.


Ashley Rabon

Rabon Insurance Agency

Helping Underprivileged Families in Union County
June 1, 2022

Our charity effort to assist the Community Shelter of Union County is picking up steam, and we’re so glad to see so many of our friends, neighbors, and clients come out to show their support. Here at the Rabon Insurance Agency, we believe that food and affordable housing are basic human rights, but there are […]

Feeding North Carolina!
February 28, 2022

Access to a sustainable food source remains increasingly difficult for families facing food insecurity. Our team at Rabon Insurance Agency feels that no one should have to deal with the worry and suffering that comes with not having a reliable food supply. We want to continue aiding The Community Shelter of Union County to end […]

Passing the Plate!
November 28, 2021

Many people look forward to the new year with optimism and hope as they ponder the new opportunities that await them, but the same cannot be said for families facing food insecurity. What lies ahead is a year full of stress, as they wonder what their next meal will be and where it will come […]

A Community Initiative
August 27, 2021

As members of the #AgentsofChange movement, our team here at the Rabon Insurance Agency wants to make sure that our neighbors have the resources to feel safe and empowered!  This year, our community has been struck by unfortunate circumstances, leaving many of our residents facing unimaginable hardship. Now more than ever, we want to assist […]

Hungry for Justice
May 25, 2021

Here at Rabon Insurance Agency, we are committed to helping eradicate homelessness and hunger in our local area. The Community Shelter of Union County, a foundation, has dedicated itself to addressing the causes of poverty and injustice by achieving self-sufficiency through raising awareness and educating the public. We believe The Community Shelter’s mission closely aligns […]

Opening Minds, Changing Lives
February 16, 2021

Every day, households across the country struggle to provide food and resources to feed themselves and their families adequately. In North Carolina alone, an estimated 1,456,200 people suffer from food insecurity- that’s 1 in 7 adults and 1 in 5 children. The Community Shelter of Union County recognizes homelessness and food insecurity as a prevalent […]

Give a Little. Help A Lot.
November 24, 2020

In communities like Union County, poverty continues to be a persistent obstacle for individuals and families to overcome. The Community Shelter of Union County is on a mission to prevent this as much as possible by providing food, shelter, and a pathway to self-sufficiency to those experiencing hunger and homelessness in Union County. Our agency […]

Making a Difference in Our Community Through Food and Housing
August 26, 2020

Here at Rabon Insurance Agency, we are continuing our support of the Community Shelter of Union County! There is an undeniable call to assist those in our community who are living below the poverty line and experiencing homelessness, hunger, financial hardship, and/or a lack of everyday resources.  The Community Shelter’s impact and assistance in our […]

Pathways to Prosperity: Ending Homelessness
February 25, 2020

Rabon Insurance Agency is excited to announce our support of the Pathways to Prosperity program in their efforts to end homelessness. This program is the newest part of the Community Shelter of Union County.  The organization provides immediate, life-changing assistance to Union County members in need. This assistance includes emergency shelter, food, rehousing, and case […]

Let’s Wipe Out Hunger, Together!
October 23, 2019

Rabon Insurance Agency is proud to continue our Community Cause Campaign in support of the Community Shelter of Union County! This exceptional organization provides temporary and low-cost housing to families in financial crisis, in addition to educational assistance for children without stability at home. It’s our agency’s mission to ensure no family in our community […]