By Ash Rabon | January 31, 2019

How often should I inspect the crawlspace under my house?

Ashley Rabon: Hey, this is Ashley Rabon with Rabon Insurance Agency at my office right here in Monroe, and I had a client ask me today if they should inspect the crawlspace underneath their house. I told them, “Absolutely!” Let’s face it, going underneath your house in a crawlspace can be creepy sometimes, but it is the best way to sometimes mitigate a loss that you might have or keep a loss from being too severe.
You can check your water pipes and your plumbing. You can check to see if there’s standing water on the ground, can check your dryer vent and hose. You can check to see if there’s any creepy crawlies like termites that could really damage your house and that would not be covered by homeowners insurance. Get under that house at least once or twice a year. You’ll be glad that you did. Once again, this is Ashley Rabon from Rabon Insurance Agency.