Hurricane Insurance

Hurricane insurance covers homeowners from losses that occur during a hurricane. If you live in an area that does not have many hurricanes, California for example, it is less likely you need this coverage. But if you live in a high-hurricane area, such as New Orleans, then you are a perfect candidate for hurricane insurance. There is also an allowance for wind damage.

Any homeowner who has experienced a hurricane knows the damage that can occur. Hurricane insurance coverage provides policyholders with protection for their property. A hurricane plan goes beyond coverage provided by a traditional homeowner insurance policy.

If you have this type of policy, then you are expected to pay a portion of their home’s insured value. The policy will cover the rest of the damage, and this amount can be substantial. Out-of-pocket costs are paid in the form of a deductible. A higher deductible means lower premiums.

Homeowner insurance policies cover hurricane damage to a certain extent. Traditional policies usually limit coverage to damage resulting from rain, wind or flooding. When you have a hurricane policy, the water and wind coverage is bundled into one policy. Homeowner policies offer limited coverage, while hurricane policies handle every aspect of a hurricane. A hurricane policy gives you comprehensive coverage in the event of a devastating hurricane.

A typical hurricane policy bundles several kinds of protection into one policy. You might live in a region that requires hurricane insurance. Check with an insurance professional for more details.